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Multiple rocket launchers "Grad" shell Ukraine from the territory of Russia. VIDEO, google map coordinates

Here is the video shot by locals, of the shooting of the Ukrainian territory from Russia, with multiple rocket launchers, carried out in the evening of 16 July 2014, in the village of Gukovo, Russia.

Video of Russian army shooting Ukrainian territory from multiple rocket launchers:

Links to these videos on youtube:


Here is the map of the location, place where authors of the video were located http://i.imgur.com/82WkKDr.jpg
Place where people recording were http://i.imgur.com/4FPTuJc.jpg 


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 Summary for May 22, 2014
 (by Dmitry Tymchuk https://www.facebook.com/dmitry.tymchuk)

The bad news:

1. Today is another black day for Ukraine. In a difficult battle with terrorists, many of our soldiers and officers died near Volnovakha [town in Donetsk Oblast]. Many have been wounded.

There are more questions than answers in this tragedy. The Prosecutor General’s Office has already opened criminal proceedings on two counts–Art. 258 (“Act of terrorism that resulted in deaths of people”) and Art. 425 (“Neglect of duty in military service”) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

I won’t make any comments regarding this tragedy. There are moral and ethical reasons not to do that. I will clench my teeth and keep quiet. Only, it’s infinitely sad that our Homeland keeps losing its sons.

May they rest in piece.

More than anything in the world, I want not to have any more occasions to repeat this phrase ever again.

2. Around 50,000 cubic meters of natural gas are stolen daily in Crimea by Russian occupation authorities from the deposit in Kherson Oblast [region]. Simply put, after stealing Crimea, Putin keeps stealing gas from Ukraine without any remorse. Cunningly enterprising guy, what else can I say?

In particular, Russian servicemen set up block posts near the Arabat Spit on the territory of Kherson Oblast [region], and therefore cover up the site of the gas extraction, where they also steal from. Kyiv doesn’t react to this in any way–even in words. And this is very strange.

3. We have a great sorrow. Law enforcement professionals “exposed” the editorial office of the “Vesti” newspaper. The tax service of Ukraine, during a search in the office of the chief editor Ihor Guzhva, discovered 1.5 million Hryvnias [USD $125,470]. Not bad for an editor.

Although the staff of the newspaper insists that this is a struggle against freedom of speech and the Ukrainian authorities are destroying the luminaries of Ukrainian journalism at its root.

From myself, I’d like to say that I don’t communicate with journalists from “Vesti” on principle. Although not because of Mr. Guzgva’s habit of stashing millions. Here’s what I explain to “Vesti” journalists: I have nothing to say to those who play Putin’s fifer on the pages of their media. While I could have turned a blind eye to this during peaceful times, I can’t do it when Russia invaded my country.

I support freedom of speech and the press with every fiber of my being. Let “Vesti” print their little pro-Russian articles and manipulate facts in conjunction with the Kremlin–no problem. But it seems to me, it would be more appropriate if they did it in a neighboring country. The one located to the Northeast of Ukraine.

I put the commentary to this incident under bad news only so that I don’t end up under the hot pencil of “Reporters Without Borders.” What a hypocrite I am.

The good news:

1. The events in Volnovakha, despite their inconceivable tragedy, rocked the world of Ukrainian special forces.

The announcement by the General Staff Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that the “Rubicon has been crossed,” and that the army will retaliate for this bloody terrorist massacre–is only a small detail. According to our data, the response that’s being planned is truly large-scale. And this [time it] won’t be a false start.

I sincerely believe that every one of our fallen Heroes will be avenged. To do otherwise is not possible.

2. The RNBO [National Security and Defense Council] of Ukraine has initiated the creation of a broad anti-Putin coalition with NATO and the EU, RNBO Secretary Andriy Parubiy announced.

The [starting] point is correct: without stopping Putin now, it’s unclear where Russian tanks and the unyielding little hands of Vladimir Vladimirovich will end up.

Parubiy reported that he discussed this issue in Brussels with the representatives of NATO and the European Union. Although it’s not clear how ready the West is in supporting this idea. Obviously, in words one can hear many things being said. But usually in these circumstances the problems and reflections begin when it comes down to business.

Let’s hope for the adequacy of Western leaders.

3. The commander of the “Donbas” Batallion of the territorial defense in Donetsk Oblast, S. Semenchenko reported today: Volodars’kyi Raion of Donetsk Oblast was taken back from terrorists.

The Batallion plans to take the regional center–city of Donetsk–under control.

On this day covered with the blood of our servicemen in Volnovakha, we’d like to wish “Donbas” the most important thing–take care of yourselves, guys. Ukraine needs all of you.

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Russian invasion of the southeastern part of Ukraine

Dmitry Tymchuk, Information Resistance
March 14, 2014
After today’s statement from Moscow about their “readiness to protect Donetsk” from some “radical Right groups” the puzzle pieces came together in one picture. The geopolitical sociopath Putin has practically announced that after Crimea, [he] will lay his hands on all of the southeast of Ukraine.
I naively believed earlier that Ukraine has three choices: lose Crimea, lose the Southeast, as well as to lose independence and sovereignty. I was wrong. There are only two options according to the Kremlin: either give [us] half of Ukraine, or Putin will take Ukraine in its entirety.
At the same time, we have repeatedly pointed out that Kherson oblast [region] is the key to Crimea. Water, electricity, and gas are all transported through it [Kherson] into the Autonomous Republic of Crimea [ARC]. Without Kherson in their pocket, there is no point in contolling the ARC – without access to water, in 3 months the residents of Crimea will start having rallies to return to Ukraine.
But the question is, how to capture the south of Ukraine? Today, the presence of Russian troops in Crimea is quite staggering. But this so-called “policing” group that has a minuscule amount of heavy weaponry at its disposal, and is more suitable for the control of the occupied territory rather than military action against the Ukrainian army. It is problematic to transfer heavy weapons here: Putin himself claimed that there are no Russian troops in Crimea. Massive redeployment of tanks can no longer be concealed. Besides, Crimea itself is quite a cumbersome foothold for an offensive: it is necessary to block the narrow [Perekop] isthmus, as the Russians will begin having difficulties with the offensive.
Putin has no capacity for a mass landing from the sea – Russian army and the Navy is not ready for such operations. They can certainly gradually build up their capacity and means on the captured Ukrainian coast. But it may take weeks for the world to clearly see that Russia has begun a full-scale war against Ukraine.
Under these conditions the Kremlin has already created the so-called “Putin’s southern belt.” This [belt] includes 19,000 troops in Crimea and 1,500 military personnel (mostly special forces, as well as 2,000 Cossacks) in Transnistria. But this [military] power can be used to invade and take control of Kherson, Odessa and Mykolaiv regions of Ukraine, causing major damage to the east of Ukraine.
It is in this - in the capture of the entire South-East – that is the meaning of the picture that we see today.
Destabilizing the situation in Donetsk and other eastern Ukrainian cities via “Putin’s tourists,” the Kremlin prepared the background for this strike. Specifically, three strikes. Judging by the concentration of Russian troops near the Ukrainian borders, the invasion will occur through Kharkiv, Donetsk and Zaporizhia. Since the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not prepare the defensive lines in these areas, it will be an unstoppable blitzkrieg by Putin.
The actions of Russian troops concentrated in the north and northeast – in Belarus and north of Kursk remain in question. Theoretically, it would be foolish for Putin to simultaneously attack three eastward directions along with the Chernihiv-Pryluky and Kyiv line – too much of a dispersion of forces. At the same time, again given the lack of defensive capabilities in Ukraine, all this complex of offensive actions may not have any problems during implementation.
Issue with the date is also obvious. Either on the night of the 16th to 17th of March 2014 (immediately after the referendum in Crimea), or one day later. Indeed, Putin has already created the “right” situation in the Southeast – they can invade [Crimea] even now to “protect their fellow countrymen.” Idling their troops, centered in current positions any further does not make sense.

In this situation, the main thing we are interested in is whether Ukraine and the international community are able to to thwart these plans of the newfound Führer? I don’t have an answer to this question. Just like you, I can only believe that all is not lost yet, and at the same time pack my backpack and reread books on guerrilla warfare tactics. I hope that does not need to come in handy.


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Russia US talks are expected to bring some solution to the situation with Crimea, Ukraine

Russia's foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, and the US secretary of state, John Kerry, are to meet in London on Friday for talks on Ukraine before Sunday's planned referendum in Crimea.

The two will meet at the US ambassador's residence in central London as Kerry attempts to head off a vote that could lead to Crimea – now under the control of Russian troops – deciding to become part of Russia.

Both the US and the EU say that if the referendum – which they have declared illegal – goes ahead, Moscow will face the prospect of fresh sanctions being imposed.

Pavlicheko were released

As the amnesty was announced to political prisoners and those who were accused unjustfully.

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Proofs of innocence of the father and son Pavlichenko

Sign a petition here!  http://tinyurl.com/freepavlichenko

This is a translation of the article "Proofs of innocence of the father and son Pavlichenko"

This is not a detective story. This happened today morning. On the way to Parliament (I wanted to visit one of the meetings of the opposition fractions), I got a call from one of the friends. He asked to immediately go to my computer and open email. I will not name this person for ethical reasons. He said that there is a very important information in my email that may help save lives of innocent people. It is about "Pavlichenko case". The only request this man made is to publish the information.

It is difficult to say why I was asked to do it. However, the materials were probably sent to other journalists and opposition members.

As the majority of Ukrainians, I know about this case, concocted by authorities and try to help innocent people. The notion "JUDICATURE AND JUSTICE" never existed for the members of the ruling regime.

I wondered for a long time whether it is fake and weighted all pros and cons. But after studying all the received materials I decided to publish it. It looks too much like truth. I can't deny or confirm the truthfulness of these documents, I have no right to. However, if this publication can help set justice, I will consider that publishing it was not in vain.

Of course, the court will put a period in this landmark case. But, everyone knows what are the Ukrainian "courts" in the times of the rule of Yanukovich's dictatorship. Judges and courts, that are nowadays absolutely subordinate to Bankova, are not trusted by the majority of people. It is proved by sociological researches.

So, this material is for the attention of journalists, experts, specialists, people and relevant authorities. I am sure that there is a considerable share of people in the law enforcement authorities who have not lost the concept of the officer's honor and professional consciousness.

I have no doubts regarding the non involvement of the father and the son of the Pavlichenko family into the murder of the Judge Zubkov. Let everyone study these materials and decide where the truth is, everyone has his own.

The letter (and photo documents) are without changes. Warning! Some photos contain violence.


I can't name myself, rank and position for understandable reasons. In terms of these reasons I can't say how I am connected to the Pavlichenko case. I can only say that I have been working on this case (as hundreds of other employees) and studied its materials.

How it was concocted and out of what - can be told to you by any investigator, any prosecutor officer even with a little experience. If he is not afraid. Because when a case is concocted SO bluntly and SO imprudently, even a non tutored understands that it was approved on a very high level.

I can't stand to continue seeing this shame what is carried out on behalf of the Prosecutor Office in court. It is not only my opinion. There are enough honest people in the Prosecutor's Office (I know, how skeptically you may percept this statement, but please, believe it), who will never go for breaking other people's destinies with their signatures. However, there are other people too. There are also people who were put before the choice without choice. Who are given an offer they can not refuse. I share the below mentioned information on behalf of all employees of the Prosecutor Office who still have some consciousness left.

Below are some blunt mistakes of the case of the prosecution that can't stand any critics. Probably these are not the brightest nuances. But these are the ones I can confirm with the case documents, that can be explained simply without getting deep into details. 

1. The judge was found in a bit strange condition, at least for the one "who just came from work and was getting home". The investigators did not want to underline it, but they had to explain it somehow. At least partly.

Allegedly Sergei (18 year old son of Dmitry Pavlichenko, note of interpreter) took off the trousers and shoes of the judge and wore on himself (what a strong psyco the kid has!!). The logic here "is sadly smoking in the corner": this was allegedly done because Sergei had blood on his trousers (and the judge who was stabbed, shot and pulled allover the floor, probably had his trousers in order).

However, the investigators modestly keep quiet that the judge also did not have a coat and a jacket on him. It was March, he just came home, getting up to his apartment - according to the version of investigation. And he was found near the stairs in underwear, socks and almost taken off shirt. That's all. I am not sure anyone knows about it, as I have no doubt that the investigation is trying not to touch this subject at all, because even their fantastic version can not explain such appearance.

Pictures of the judge at the crime spot.

2. Let's talk about fingerprints. On 21 March, on the day of murder, in flagrant delict, on a wheelchair, 4 fingerprints were found. The Expertise No. 21D dated 24 March 2011 clearly shows it - it studied the wheelchair itself and found 4 fingerprints on it.

24 March 2011 Dmitry Pavlichenko was detained. The same day the decision on re-examination (second expertise) was issued (of course, now it is clear whom to knot to the case).
It is interesting to read the result of the re-examination No. 22D. In file d we read "4 fingerprints were given for the expertise". 

On the next page of the same report of the expert we read: Not the object itself (wheelchair) was given for the expertise, but… the tape (scotch) with prints. I will explain for non-specialists:  you can get fingerprints on the tape (scotch) wherever you want. Even in a cell. Even in the investigator's office.

On the top of the page is a clear question regarding 4 fingerprints - do they correspond to the fingerprints of Dmitry Pavlichenko? On the same page we read: in an envelop there are 5 fingerprints. The case was concocted so badly, that even within this one expertise we find such mismatches, not to mention the mismatches between different documents of the case.

3. "Sneakers in blood". According to the investigators, Sergi had his trousers in blood, this is why he wore trousers of the murdered judge. They were "not found", by the way. He also changed his sneakers according to the same version, changing them to the shoes of the judge and leaving his sneakers on the first floor. Why? Were they also in blood? Is it so critically noticeable on the black sneakers? Did the size fit? Very vague…
So, in flagrant delict sneakers of Sergi Pavlichenko were found, blood was found on them. This is according to investigators. Let's take a look.

Photo of the bloody trace of the criminal.

However, here are the sneakers, allegedly of Sergi, allegedly found almost in flagrant delict (on the first floor).

Do we notice enough blood on them? No. The bottom is different. Absolutely different bottom that left the bloody trace. See yourself, compare pictures. Investigation has known it for a very long time, but somehow it bypasses this sharp corner. The corresponding conclusion of the expertise.

4. This is not yet everything. The same trace, as in flagrant delict as found near the house at 12 Kovelska str. This is where a dog led, tracing from the flagrant delict. But according to the investigation there was absolutely different route - in the opposite side from the direction where the service dog led and where the trace, identical to the bloody trace in flagrant delict, was found.

What we have as a result of articles 3 and 4: the real killer was shown to by the bloody trace of the bottom of a shoe in flagrant delict, the same trace at the 12, Kovelska str., and the route of running away, shown by the service dog, where the second trace was found.

But we are shown the sneakers allegedly of Sergi Pavlichenko, and they do not notice the mismatch of the form of the bottom of the shoe of Sergi and the trace in the flagrant delict. Besides, the direction where the service dog showed is ignored, however in that direction another trace from the bottom from the flagrant delict was found.

5. Now, regarding the "irrefutable material evidence". So, the trousers story. The trousers allegedly of Sergi Pavlichenko, found on the first floor and allegedly proving his presence there.

Voluntary surrender of Sergi Pavlichenko, which he said he gave after having been beat up and threatened - "I was dressed in sport pants of grey colour". Investigators are not fools to dictate different, as the grey sport pants come from the description of witnesses and this finding was sent around in the evening.

In two hours afterr the voluntary surrender - interrogation. In it, to the question "What were you wearing that day?" Sergi says: "Sport pants, black sneakers, black jacket, sport pants of grey colour". Yes, he said twice about the sport pants. It happens when you learn something badly.

After interrogation there was reproduction. And during the reproduction Sergi Pavlichenko says "I took off the jeans". He does not wear grey sport pants, it is difficult for him to remember.

6. Did you know there was the third suspect? They wanted the third one too, as a lot of things did not match. As a result, the third one was not found, so the initial version was corrected a little bit, but its traces can be found in press-conferences of the police chiefs in the first days after the murder. It says that somebody was sitting in the wheelchair. And in the polished version for the court Dmitri Pavlichenko took empty into the front door. And there were three murder weapons. The third suspect was very required. However, now, according to investigation there is no third defined or non-defined person.

7. In flagrant delict there were fingerprints of the undefined person.

8. One more thing about the belongings of the judge thrown away: during the interrogation "I had a plastic bag and the father had a plastic bag" (which they later threw away in a trash can). During the reproduction "only I had a plastic bag".

9. Sergi says that the concierge held his sleeve and asked from which floor he is. The concierge confirms that she did it with the criminal, but she did not recognize Sergi Pavlichenko in the court.

10. Here is the reproduction of the events. Let us look in more attentively. I'd like to note that the reproduction takes place after the voluntary surrender and the following interrogation, at once after it. Sergi Pavlichenko, despite that he was already forced several times to repeat and write by hand the version of investigation, does not follow the track of his testimony, gets confused. The recording of the investigative experiment is regularly interrupted and stopped, apparently, for the gradual instructions given to Sergi (on what to say).

The investigator asks to show where were the legs and where was the head. Sergi "with the head towards the window, if i am not mistaken". On the photos it is seen that the judge was laying with his legs towards the window.

The investigator asks to show how the judge was carried by the suspects. Sergi: "under his arms and legs". The investigator asks: "who held arms and who held legs?" Sergi, who allegedly according to his memory just showed where his father hit the judge, how they were carrying the judge at the stairwell, who stood where with 10 cm precision, could not remember whether he held arms or legs.

This is a diamond of this collection. Tired investigator stops controlling himself for a moment. Asking from where the elder Pavlichenko got the gun, he gets a response from Sergi - "from his pants". The investigator angrily interrupts him, directly voicing the required answer "from out of his belt, not from his pants!"

P.S. The Court of Appeal postponed the case of appeal to the life sentence for Dmitri Pavlichenko and 13 years of imprisonment for his son, Sergi Pavlichenko to 6 Feb 2013. 

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воскресенье, 25 ноября 2012 г.

Pavlichenko case: thousands of people stand against the outrageous injustice

I heard about the Pavlichenko story several years ago when the family was thrown out of their home and I was shocked. What happened since then is even more shocking. So shocking, that it takes thousands of people to protest. 

Here is the story explained by the youngest in Pavlichenko's family. Please click CC for the subtitles in your language http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DzhGe9D4cs&feature=share

To sign a petition please visit https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/free-wrongfully-convicted-pavlichenkos-life-imprisonment-and-extend-scope-magnitsky-bill-ukraine/T50jlRLp?utm_source=wh.gov&utm_medium=shorturl&utm_campaign=shorturl

Please read and spread the word. The article is taken from the official support website


Kyiv, October 20, 2012, nice warm Saturday evening, luminous Olympiysky stadium. Crowds of kievites are rushing to it to see the Ukrainian Football Premier League’s match of the day – hosts Dynamo Kyiv play Kharkiv rivals Metalist.

Despite Dynamo has not performed really well during last few months, fans’ tribune is full. But atmosphere is more tense than usual, all are wearing mourning black. Strange, but nobody is shouting assaulting chants aimed at the visiting fans. The opponents also keep quiet, and it looks like a truce is concluded and something, much more important has united irreconcilable enemies. Hundreds of Dynamo fans are standing still and waiting for something.

Suddenly a huge banner comes down from the upper tier. The banner tells a sad story to all who is either at the stadium or watching the game on TV. When the banner is expanded, the fans’ stand lights red, a glow is seen even outside the stadium and dense smoke remains inside the bowl for several minutes until it dissolves. A second later a loud chant is shouted into the air: “Freedom to the honest! Free the Pavlychenkos!“ The chant is supported by visiting fans and some spectators from the central tribunes.

This action concludes 18-month long campaign of Dynamo fans seeking justice in respect of their mate. The campaign is supported by all football fans in the country. Nothing even close to this magnitude has ever happened in the modern Ukraine history.

But who are the Pavlychenkos and why Ukrainian football fans campaign for them so eagerly? Why thousands people from all over Ukraine take part in such widescale protest action?


49-year old Dmytro Pavlychenko had been living with his wife and two sons in an apartment located in an old building not far from Kyiv city cente. In 1996 Dmytro received a permission from the authorities and has built an extension to their ground floor apartment. Pavlychenko family have lived in their extended apartment since then and had no clue what misfortune is awaiting them.

At the beginning of the 21st century the Dutch company Gooioord B.V. was buying up all the apartments in the building. Probably, their idea was to demolish the old building and erect a modern business center on its place. Dmytro, who inherited the apartment long time ago from his relatives, refused to sell it as he did not consider the deal fair. Since then he started receiving threats over the phone from anonimous persons. He also got several civil complaints alleging him that the apartment extension was built without proper permission. 

Dmytro had defended his right to keep the extension and it seemed that he was about to win in the court. However, in 2010 the magistrate of the Shevchenkivsky district court Mr Sergiy Zubkov ordered to demolish the extension and moreover, Pavlychenko family to move out of the apartment! The decision was taken in Dmytro’s absence, he even had not received a notice to appear in the court! Following the decision, bailiffs and police entered the apartment on New Year’s eve, and forced Dmytro and his family to move out, literally to the street. At the same time they seized the family possessions, loaded them into several vans and set off in the unknown direction. 

Dmytro appealed to the police numerous times since then, but was unofficially told that his applications are to be turned down according to the instruction “from above”. Nevertheless, Dmytro decided to fight and called a press-conference where he appealed to the President of Ukraine to return his property and make the corrupted officials accountable.

However, all his attempts in the 2-month long court battle to revert he decision failed. But Dmytro was determined to fight using all possible legitimate means. Noone suspected the story would take another, quite unexpected turn. 

Dmytro Pavlychenko reads a message to the President of Ukraine at the press conference:


Sergiy Zubkov, the magistrate of the Shevchekivsky district court, the man who took a decision to expropriate Pavlychenko’s property was found dead in the communal area of his apartment block in March 2011. He was brutally murdered by two killers: one attacked Mr Zubkov with cold arms in an elevator, another was waiting for him with a gun on the floor where his apartment was located. Mr Zubkov was stabbed numerous times and was shot into the chest four times. The killers were seen from close distance by several people – the concierge, the lift operator and a neighbor, who attempted to block them, but they managed to escape.

Two days after Dmytro Pavlychenko and his son Sergiy were arrested on suspicion of Mr Zubkov murder. Three month after police raided into Mr Pavlychenko apartment again, but this time they knocked down a door and broke windows of another apartment which Pavlychenko family rented. Police has arrested Dmytro and Sergiy Pavlychenko and detained them in Lukyanivka isolation ward. Few days later the prosecutor’s office and top police officials called a press-conference and announced the murder case closed and two killers, allegedly Dmytro and Sergiy Pavlyuchenko, were found and arrested.

Police investigation actually elaborated just one version – Pavlychenko’s vengeance to Mr Zubkov for the court ruling announced three month ago in regards of expropriation of Mr Pavlychenko property. Nevertheless, the case had many inconsistencies and ambiguities – the witnesses have not identified the father and the son as the killers who they have seen, no material evidences were found at the murder scene, weapons used to commit the murder were never found. There were several indirect evidences, though. But they looked quite odd. For example, at the murder scene police has found Sergiy’s sweatpants and sneakers which he allegedly removed from himself while wrestled with Mr Zubkov. Also police has opened Dmytro’s car without his permission and with absence of any witnesses and “found” there some items “similar” to the bullets found in the magistrate’s body.

The murdered magistrate Mr Zubkov

The key witness – a lift operator – who wrestled with one of the killers before they escaped, admitted that the investigator forced him to identify Dmytro Pavlychenko as a killer. And Dmytro himself explained that police tried to persuade him to admit the murder.

Dmytro says: “I was escorted from one room to another, no witness had ever identified me. Then a top police official proposed a deal - if I admit the murder, they would leave my family alone. In this case I would be sentenced to 10 years and released on parole after 5 years. If I refuse, they sentence me for life, my wife and elder son will be declared accomplices and sentenced as well , and my younger son will be placed in an orphanage. Sure, I had refused this “offer” as I am not guilty and all I did was to attempt to solve all my problems using lawful methods”.

In autumn 2012, eighteen month after Mr Zubkov was murdered, the court found Dmytro and Sergiy Pavlychenko guilty of murder. Dmytro Pavlychenko was sentenced for life and his son Sergiy got 13 years imprisonment. Sergiy’s mother who was left with her juvenile son, was ordered to pay compensation for the damage done in amount of 500 000 UAH (47 600 EURO) 

Most probably, the Pavlychenko case could be left unnoticed by the general public, as many similar cases. Few people would question the verdict as it seems that Dmytro had a clear motive (remember, he did not agree with Mr.Zubkov ruling and called a press-conference to appeal to the President just before the magistrate’s death). At the same time tens of thousands of innocent Ukrainians who have not even had motives are suffering in prisons thanks to Themis servants and most such cases do not get the media attention. But the football fans have made the Pavlychenko case well know to the public. 

TVI broadcast dedicated to the Pavlychenko case:

One might ask a question – why this particular case resulted in such actions?

The reason for that is quite obvious – Dmytro’s son Sergiy Pavlychenko is a longtime supporter of Dynamo Kyiv and he was frequent at the ultras stand. After the fans found out what was happening, they organized unprecedented campaign to defend their mate and his father.


ФDynamo fans have had supported the Pavlychenkos shortly after they found out about their detention. The more they learned about this case, the more they were outraged because it was clear that the investigation was conducted with numerous violations. They began to shout chants at stadiums during football games and to support it with respective texts on banners. They have created a group “Free the Pavlychenkos!” in a social network vk.com, а and a established a dedicated website which supports Ukrainian, Russian and English languages: theyarenotkillers.com The first ultras march to support the Pavlychenkos was conducted in June 2011.

How it is all started…. The march to support the Pavlychenkos in June 2011:

Dozens of Dynamo fans were present at every court hearing. They gave moral support to their mate and his father as well as material one to Sergiy’s mother who was left alone with her younger son. Gradually the fans protest spread out among the other clubs supporters in Ukraine and beyond. Fans from Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Odesa, Chernivtsi, Sumy, Armyansk, Mykolayiv, Chernihiv, Lutsk, Symferopil and other large and smaller Ukrainian cities have joined the action. Even Dynamo everlasting rivals – Spartak Moscow fans displayed a banner with words “Free Pavlychenko!” on it during the Russian Premier League game. The action was supported in the opposite corner of Europe – in Portugal where fans of F.C. Porto who played Dynamo Kyiv in a Champions League game displayed the similar banner written in English.

One can guess that fans advocate Pavlychenko just because he is one of them. But it is not that simple. The goal of the protest is to highlight the fact that the investigation was conducted with numerous violations, in fact it was forged. Two men who were not dentified by the witnesses, who have not had a piece of evidence against them, were jailed illegitimately. Moreover, they were tortured and threatened during investigation. Ultras protest is not just to get their mate from jail, they want to highlight that nobody was interested to establish the truth in this resonant case.

Dynamo fans are sure that Sergiy and his father were set up and the real killers are still walking the ground. It is well known that Mr Zubkov conducted other cases related to the lawfulness of several real estate developments in Kyiv. It is also well known that shortly before his death Mr Zubkov took some decisions not in favor of some major real estate developers. It is quite possible that somebody else had good reasons to cut the judge’s life and the Pavlychenkos “apartment case” turned up just in time for them.

Dmytro Pavlychenko always declared that he would fight using only lawful methods and after he made the case public, he had no reason to kill Sergiy Zubkov at all, even considering his arguable court ruling. Dmytro, who was actively campaigning in the press would became the primary suspect in this case. Fans do not believe that Dmytro could do this and moreover, to engage his underage son thus breaking his life.

It should be noted that the campaign “Freedom to the Pavlychenkos!” is not a political one. It is not sponsored by any political party. All the actions were executed by volunteers, all the materials were purchased at the fans’ expense.


Different people take football fans differently. Some criticize them for making too much noise at the stadium and because of this “true” spectators cannot fully enjoy the game. Some do not like them for using fireworks and smoke bombs and they fear that a firework can burn a concrete stadium to the ground. Some are simply afraid of them because they assume all fans are hooligans and are dreaming of beating somebody up. But the latest events proved that no one can deny the fact that fans are truly united and are strong in mind.

Such graffiti can be seen all over Kyiv now

One should not idealize fans just because of this solidarity action. Passionate youth are not a very good example for others, especially children. However, in this particular case whole Ukrainian society should learn from them how to be persistent in their fight for the truth.

Unfortunately, this story has a sad end: life sentence for Dmytro Pavlychenko and 13 years imprisonment for his son Sergiy. But ultras do not surrender – an appeal will be lodged to revert the court decision and the tribune actions will be continued. We will hear Pavlychenko name shouted by fans at many stadiums and will read it again and again on their banners. The chances of the Pavlychenkos to be released from prizon are slim, but Dynamo fans will not give up. 

I suggest to watch a 5-minute video to see a moment when the verdict was read out to Pavlychenkos and then how Dynamo fans saw their mate and his father off from the court. Probably, no one had received such sincere and at the same time sad support, not even some famous Ukrainian politicians who are also in prison now…

Tymofejuk Andriy, bigmir.net

Protest in Kiev on 25 November 2012: Thousands of people chant "Free Pavlichenko"

Watch this video to see the scale of the protest:

четверг, 27 сентября 2012 г.

Brutal treatment of the Dutch citizen by the Ukrainian police in the centre of Kiev

This happened today, 27 September 2012, a citizen of the Netherlands, military doctor, was robbed and beaten by homeless people. The Dutch man started crying police for help. He was dressed in military uniform and had a gun on him. The police, that tried so hard to learn some English before EURO 2012 and make good impression on visitors, did not understand anything what the man was saying. They also pushed away a passer-by who tried to interpret. A witness said "when I came, he was laying and screaming "Police! Consular! I am a Dutch man, I have the right to carry a gun". Police thought he was crazy and started calling for a psychiatric ambulance.
Homeless people said that the Dutch man tried to steal their purse and this is why they beated him, so police took him to their car not waiting for an ambulance. Police took away his gun, all other things of the foreign man, including his documents, were left on the ground and the homeless people took them. Passers by tried to stop the police - they screamed that they have no right to detain the man, he did no wrong, he is a foreigner and he needs a consular. The Dutch man was screaming that he is a human being, he did no wrong, he was robbed and beaten and did not understand why he was being arrested.
BRAVO, UKRAINIAN POLICE! I thought it happens only with the locals, but now with foreigners as well.


Photos and the source of the info: http://society.lb.ua/accidents/2012/09/27/172215_tsentre_kieva_proizoshla_draka.html

вторник, 17 июля 2012 г.

Oksana Makar's rape and murder trial: suspects joke and make fun

On 11 April 2012 the investigation was over and the preliminary hearings started on 24 May 2012 and the trial - on 12 June. The judge is a woman with 20 years experience, Elena Selivanova. It was said that her name was selected by a computer. There will be two more judges.
The public trial was demanded by the lawyer of the mother of Oksana - Nikolai Katerinchuk, but the publicity was denied because on such cases the suspects may "be ashamed to speak", as it was explained. People say that the only reason is to let the case go loose. Victor Pshonka, the Prosecutor General expressed his opinion that the trial should be partly public.
The information from the court is regularly published in the news.
There are 26 witnesses in the case.
The suspects were ruled sane.

As for now, it is known that Krasnoshek did admit his attempt to murder Oksana Makar, and two others did not.
On 19 June Krasnoshek beated Pogosyan twice after Pogosyan testified. Pogosyan says it was on the national ground (his surname is Armenian), but the lawyers of Oksana Makar's mother say that it is because he denied his guilt in killing Oksana Makar.
It turned out that Artem Pogosyan did not rape Oksana Makar (according to the words of Krasnoshek), that he was just threaten by two other men to say so.
The lawyers of the suspects say that according to the words of Pogosyan and Prisyazhniuk, Krasnoshek had sex with Oksana Makar when he thought she was already dead.
Prisiazhniuk, who was a member of the youth wing of the Party of Regions, changed his statements, saying that he did not do all what he said at once after the tragedy, and that he testified against himself because he was shocked.
But what is really shocking is that Yevgeniy Krasnoshek dares to joke during the trial. For example, when the barman of bar Rybka (where Oksana met the three men) testified and she said that Oksana Makar behaved as a woman of low morals / prostitute, Krasnoshek applauded and when the judge asked if Krasnoshek went out of the bar hugging Oksana, Krasnoshek exclaimed "I should have better hugged with Pogosyan!" that made people in the room smile, even the judges and prosecutors smiled.
His another joke was about the plastic bag where Prisiazhniuk put the empty bottles - to the question of the judge how that plastic bag happened to be at the construction site Krasnoshek said "legs grew out of it and it walked by itself".
It also turned out that earlier Krasnoshek was a suspect in a rape case but his guilt was not proven.

Please, sign a petition to demand justice on this case and not let it be manipulated. Please, spread the word! The more attention to the case, the better!

Photos from the trial: http://photo.segodnya.ua/ukraina/kak-sudyat-muchitelei-oksany-makar-/

четверг, 21 июня 2012 г.

Political pressure on medical staff from the Chief doctor to vote for the ruling party

Mykola Kurianov, who complained to the prosecutor's office about the grave condition of the ambulances after the death of a patient, had his salary 50% cut permanently, saying "you are provided with everything necessary" that forced him to leave the job.

Doctors of Kilisky district accuse the Chief physician of the district of political pressure on them.

According to them, the Chief doctor of the district, creates political pressure, demanding that they provided the vote of their families and their patients for the ruling party, says "Bessarabia Inform".

According to doctors, the Chief doctor yesterday, 19 June, health workers of the district were gathered and not only strictly forbidden to campaign but also to vote for any party other than the Party of Regions.

"It was the same with the workers of collective farms. People are intimidated, threatened with layoffs, and deprivation of wages! "- says the publication.


среда, 6 июня 2012 г.

Grave condition of Emergency Medical Services in Ukraine - PHOTO, VIDEO

Addition to the Open Letter of Mykola Kurianov, presented on May 31 2012

I have to inform you about events, which took place during my duty on May 30, 2012.
That evening our crew N102 went after the call N1311 to one of the houses on Heroiv of Dnipra Str., to a person, which had fallen out from the window.
Been arrived to that place at 21:03, we found a casualty man, 58 years old, in grave condition. Estimated the situation, defining vital signs (more particular is written in the Card of an ambulance crew`s dispatch N1311 from 30.05.2012), taken anamnesis, we located the patient into the ambulance vehicle GAZ-32214 (govern.N362-72KA), (which must not be used during our work because of shabbiness, emergency condition of stretchers, absence of attachments for bottles on the ceiling etc.). Also our team didn’t have intubation tools, appropriate apparatuses’ for artificial breathing and devices of connection etc.
We continued examination there and started intensive treatment: connected cardio monitor of defibrillator, catheterized peripheral vein (connected the system for i/v infusion of solutions, started to infuse Isotonic Sodium Chloride and Dexamethasone 12 mg), set laryngeal mask and started ALV with a help of breathing bag. We went to Kyiv City Hospital of Emergency Medical Services near at 21:20.
Risking our lives, we were going overspeed and missing the rules of road racing in this too old vehicle. Nearly on the half of our way condition of the patient deteriorated and we had to conduct the reanimation. I performed defibrillation and compression of the chest, a paramedic made and gave solutions, and first aider performed ALV. During this actions condition of the patient varied from better to worse. In general we performed few defibrillations, and made injection of Adrenaline (2mg).
After arrival at KCHEMS nearly at 21:35 our crew departed the patient into the Emergency Room (the route there is complicated by 2 rectangular turns and narrow doors) in the condition of clinical death. In the ER was only another ambulance crew with their own patient. After a few minutes reanimation team started to gather. They had done intubation by endotracheal tube, connected ALV machine. They asked us to stop reanimation actions at 21:45, put 10 ECG electrodes (4 from extremities and 6 from pectoral), fixed isoline and announced death at 21:50.
I heard wrongful charges about myself, that tracheal intubation and catheterization of central vein weren’t prepared.
After this we were recommended to transport the body to Kyiv City Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination N2 through the police department, what has been done.
Moreover, I had worked in crew N115 on June 2 and 3 without having such important instruments as defibrillator, laryngoscope, endotracheal tube, airducters, breathing bag, glucometer, aspirator etc. This enables me to perform my duties properly. I take away responsibility from myself (I’ve already said about this in the written form to my management at April 4, 2012) about the deterioration of the patients’ condition, which can happen because of bad equipment of crew and hard vibration into the old ambulance vehicle. It is a violation of Ministry of Health Order N500 “On measures of improvement of emergency medical services in Ukraine”.
Management of Kyiv City Station of Emergency Medical Services (Vershigora A.V. and Bojko L.I.) has officially answered me on May 16, 2012, N542 “Crews of EMS are completed by all kinds of necessary equipment, which allow to provide EMS completely on prehospital stage .” However this is not true.
After the accident in Marganets town, government has emphasized on better performing of technical observation of vehicles and changing of old. Why doesn’t it include medical transport?
Also I’m testifying about the weakness of equipment in ER in KCHEMS and the difficult route to get there. 
Not only the competent institutions, but NGOs and Media as well should take part in an estimation of equipment of EMS, because material and technical maintenance of EMS is critically bad.

 No place to fasten bottles (EMS car number 37577):
 EMS car number 37577
 EMS car number 37577
 Jehova's witnesses gathering in the EMS building
 Hall, rented out to Jehova's witnesses
 Doctor's bag