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Oksana Makar's rape and murder trial: suspects joke and make fun

On 11 April 2012 the investigation was over and the preliminary hearings started on 24 May 2012 and the trial - on 12 June. The judge is a woman with 20 years experience, Elena Selivanova. It was said that her name was selected by a computer. There will be two more judges.
The public trial was demanded by the lawyer of the mother of Oksana - Nikolai Katerinchuk, but the publicity was denied because on such cases the suspects may "be ashamed to speak", as it was explained. People say that the only reason is to let the case go loose. Victor Pshonka, the Prosecutor General expressed his opinion that the trial should be partly public.
The information from the court is regularly published in the news.
There are 26 witnesses in the case.
The suspects were ruled sane.

As for now, it is known that Krasnoshek did admit his attempt to murder Oksana Makar, and two others did not.
On 19 June Krasnoshek beated Pogosyan twice after Pogosyan testified. Pogosyan says it was on the national ground (his surname is Armenian), but the lawyers of Oksana Makar's mother say that it is because he denied his guilt in killing Oksana Makar.
It turned out that Artem Pogosyan did not rape Oksana Makar (according to the words of Krasnoshek), that he was just threaten by two other men to say so.
The lawyers of the suspects say that according to the words of Pogosyan and Prisyazhniuk, Krasnoshek had sex with Oksana Makar when he thought she was already dead.
Prisiazhniuk, who was a member of the youth wing of the Party of Regions, changed his statements, saying that he did not do all what he said at once after the tragedy, and that he testified against himself because he was shocked.
But what is really shocking is that Yevgeniy Krasnoshek dares to joke during the trial. For example, when the barman of bar Rybka (where Oksana met the three men) testified and she said that Oksana Makar behaved as a woman of low morals / prostitute, Krasnoshek applauded and when the judge asked if Krasnoshek went out of the bar hugging Oksana, Krasnoshek exclaimed "I should have better hugged with Pogosyan!" that made people in the room smile, even the judges and prosecutors smiled.
His another joke was about the plastic bag where Prisiazhniuk put the empty bottles - to the question of the judge how that plastic bag happened to be at the construction site Krasnoshek said "legs grew out of it and it walked by itself".
It also turned out that earlier Krasnoshek was a suspect in a rape case but his guilt was not proven.

Please, sign a petition to demand justice on this case and not let it be manipulated. Please, spread the word! The more attention to the case, the better!

Photos from the trial: http://photo.segodnya.ua/ukraina/kak-sudyat-muchitelei-oksany-makar-/

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