четверг, 21 июня 2012 г.

Political pressure on medical staff from the Chief doctor to vote for the ruling party

Mykola Kurianov, who complained to the prosecutor's office about the grave condition of the ambulances after the death of a patient, had his salary 50% cut permanently, saying "you are provided with everything necessary" that forced him to leave the job.

Doctors of Kilisky district accuse the Chief physician of the district of political pressure on them.

According to them, the Chief doctor of the district, creates political pressure, demanding that they provided the vote of their families and their patients for the ruling party, says "Bessarabia Inform".

According to doctors, the Chief doctor yesterday, 19 June, health workers of the district were gathered and not only strictly forbidden to campaign but also to vote for any party other than the Party of Regions.

"It was the same with the workers of collective farms. People are intimidated, threatened with layoffs, and deprivation of wages! "- says the publication.


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