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Pavlichenko case: thousands of people stand against the outrageous injustice

I heard about the Pavlichenko story several years ago when the family was thrown out of their home and I was shocked. What happened since then is even more shocking. So shocking, that it takes thousands of people to protest. 

Here is the story explained by the youngest in Pavlichenko's family. Please click CC for the subtitles in your language http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DzhGe9D4cs&feature=share

To sign a petition please visit https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/free-wrongfully-convicted-pavlichenkos-life-imprisonment-and-extend-scope-magnitsky-bill-ukraine/T50jlRLp?utm_source=wh.gov&utm_medium=shorturl&utm_campaign=shorturl

Please read and spread the word. The article is taken from the official support website


Kyiv, October 20, 2012, nice warm Saturday evening, luminous Olympiysky stadium. Crowds of kievites are rushing to it to see the Ukrainian Football Premier League’s match of the day – hosts Dynamo Kyiv play Kharkiv rivals Metalist.

Despite Dynamo has not performed really well during last few months, fans’ tribune is full. But atmosphere is more tense than usual, all are wearing mourning black. Strange, but nobody is shouting assaulting chants aimed at the visiting fans. The opponents also keep quiet, and it looks like a truce is concluded and something, much more important has united irreconcilable enemies. Hundreds of Dynamo fans are standing still and waiting for something.

Suddenly a huge banner comes down from the upper tier. The banner tells a sad story to all who is either at the stadium or watching the game on TV. When the banner is expanded, the fans’ stand lights red, a glow is seen even outside the stadium and dense smoke remains inside the bowl for several minutes until it dissolves. A second later a loud chant is shouted into the air: “Freedom to the honest! Free the Pavlychenkos!“ The chant is supported by visiting fans and some spectators from the central tribunes.

This action concludes 18-month long campaign of Dynamo fans seeking justice in respect of their mate. The campaign is supported by all football fans in the country. Nothing even close to this magnitude has ever happened in the modern Ukraine history.

But who are the Pavlychenkos and why Ukrainian football fans campaign for them so eagerly? Why thousands people from all over Ukraine take part in such widescale protest action?


49-year old Dmytro Pavlychenko had been living with his wife and two sons in an apartment located in an old building not far from Kyiv city cente. In 1996 Dmytro received a permission from the authorities and has built an extension to their ground floor apartment. Pavlychenko family have lived in their extended apartment since then and had no clue what misfortune is awaiting them.

At the beginning of the 21st century the Dutch company Gooioord B.V. was buying up all the apartments in the building. Probably, their idea was to demolish the old building and erect a modern business center on its place. Dmytro, who inherited the apartment long time ago from his relatives, refused to sell it as he did not consider the deal fair. Since then he started receiving threats over the phone from anonimous persons. He also got several civil complaints alleging him that the apartment extension was built without proper permission. 

Dmytro had defended his right to keep the extension and it seemed that he was about to win in the court. However, in 2010 the magistrate of the Shevchenkivsky district court Mr Sergiy Zubkov ordered to demolish the extension and moreover, Pavlychenko family to move out of the apartment! The decision was taken in Dmytro’s absence, he even had not received a notice to appear in the court! Following the decision, bailiffs and police entered the apartment on New Year’s eve, and forced Dmytro and his family to move out, literally to the street. At the same time they seized the family possessions, loaded them into several vans and set off in the unknown direction. 

Dmytro appealed to the police numerous times since then, but was unofficially told that his applications are to be turned down according to the instruction “from above”. Nevertheless, Dmytro decided to fight and called a press-conference where he appealed to the President of Ukraine to return his property and make the corrupted officials accountable.

However, all his attempts in the 2-month long court battle to revert he decision failed. But Dmytro was determined to fight using all possible legitimate means. Noone suspected the story would take another, quite unexpected turn. 

Dmytro Pavlychenko reads a message to the President of Ukraine at the press conference:


Sergiy Zubkov, the magistrate of the Shevchekivsky district court, the man who took a decision to expropriate Pavlychenko’s property was found dead in the communal area of his apartment block in March 2011. He was brutally murdered by two killers: one attacked Mr Zubkov with cold arms in an elevator, another was waiting for him with a gun on the floor where his apartment was located. Mr Zubkov was stabbed numerous times and was shot into the chest four times. The killers were seen from close distance by several people – the concierge, the lift operator and a neighbor, who attempted to block them, but they managed to escape.

Two days after Dmytro Pavlychenko and his son Sergiy were arrested on suspicion of Mr Zubkov murder. Three month after police raided into Mr Pavlychenko apartment again, but this time they knocked down a door and broke windows of another apartment which Pavlychenko family rented. Police has arrested Dmytro and Sergiy Pavlychenko and detained them in Lukyanivka isolation ward. Few days later the prosecutor’s office and top police officials called a press-conference and announced the murder case closed and two killers, allegedly Dmytro and Sergiy Pavlyuchenko, were found and arrested.

Police investigation actually elaborated just one version – Pavlychenko’s vengeance to Mr Zubkov for the court ruling announced three month ago in regards of expropriation of Mr Pavlychenko property. Nevertheless, the case had many inconsistencies and ambiguities – the witnesses have not identified the father and the son as the killers who they have seen, no material evidences were found at the murder scene, weapons used to commit the murder were never found. There were several indirect evidences, though. But they looked quite odd. For example, at the murder scene police has found Sergiy’s sweatpants and sneakers which he allegedly removed from himself while wrestled with Mr Zubkov. Also police has opened Dmytro’s car without his permission and with absence of any witnesses and “found” there some items “similar” to the bullets found in the magistrate’s body.

The murdered magistrate Mr Zubkov

The key witness – a lift operator – who wrestled with one of the killers before they escaped, admitted that the investigator forced him to identify Dmytro Pavlychenko as a killer. And Dmytro himself explained that police tried to persuade him to admit the murder.

Dmytro says: “I was escorted from one room to another, no witness had ever identified me. Then a top police official proposed a deal - if I admit the murder, they would leave my family alone. In this case I would be sentenced to 10 years and released on parole after 5 years. If I refuse, they sentence me for life, my wife and elder son will be declared accomplices and sentenced as well , and my younger son will be placed in an orphanage. Sure, I had refused this “offer” as I am not guilty and all I did was to attempt to solve all my problems using lawful methods”.

In autumn 2012, eighteen month after Mr Zubkov was murdered, the court found Dmytro and Sergiy Pavlychenko guilty of murder. Dmytro Pavlychenko was sentenced for life and his son Sergiy got 13 years imprisonment. Sergiy’s mother who was left with her juvenile son, was ordered to pay compensation for the damage done in amount of 500 000 UAH (47 600 EURO) 

Most probably, the Pavlychenko case could be left unnoticed by the general public, as many similar cases. Few people would question the verdict as it seems that Dmytro had a clear motive (remember, he did not agree with Mr.Zubkov ruling and called a press-conference to appeal to the President just before the magistrate’s death). At the same time tens of thousands of innocent Ukrainians who have not even had motives are suffering in prisons thanks to Themis servants and most such cases do not get the media attention. But the football fans have made the Pavlychenko case well know to the public. 

TVI broadcast dedicated to the Pavlychenko case:

One might ask a question – why this particular case resulted in such actions?

The reason for that is quite obvious – Dmytro’s son Sergiy Pavlychenko is a longtime supporter of Dynamo Kyiv and he was frequent at the ultras stand. After the fans found out what was happening, they organized unprecedented campaign to defend their mate and his father.


ФDynamo fans have had supported the Pavlychenkos shortly after they found out about their detention. The more they learned about this case, the more they were outraged because it was clear that the investigation was conducted with numerous violations. They began to shout chants at stadiums during football games and to support it with respective texts on banners. They have created a group “Free the Pavlychenkos!” in a social network vk.com, а and a established a dedicated website which supports Ukrainian, Russian and English languages: theyarenotkillers.com The first ultras march to support the Pavlychenkos was conducted in June 2011.

How it is all started…. The march to support the Pavlychenkos in June 2011:

Dozens of Dynamo fans were present at every court hearing. They gave moral support to their mate and his father as well as material one to Sergiy’s mother who was left alone with her younger son. Gradually the fans protest spread out among the other clubs supporters in Ukraine and beyond. Fans from Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Odesa, Chernivtsi, Sumy, Armyansk, Mykolayiv, Chernihiv, Lutsk, Symferopil and other large and smaller Ukrainian cities have joined the action. Even Dynamo everlasting rivals – Spartak Moscow fans displayed a banner with words “Free Pavlychenko!” on it during the Russian Premier League game. The action was supported in the opposite corner of Europe – in Portugal where fans of F.C. Porto who played Dynamo Kyiv in a Champions League game displayed the similar banner written in English.

One can guess that fans advocate Pavlychenko just because he is one of them. But it is not that simple. The goal of the protest is to highlight the fact that the investigation was conducted with numerous violations, in fact it was forged. Two men who were not dentified by the witnesses, who have not had a piece of evidence against them, were jailed illegitimately. Moreover, they were tortured and threatened during investigation. Ultras protest is not just to get their mate from jail, they want to highlight that nobody was interested to establish the truth in this resonant case.

Dynamo fans are sure that Sergiy and his father were set up and the real killers are still walking the ground. It is well known that Mr Zubkov conducted other cases related to the lawfulness of several real estate developments in Kyiv. It is also well known that shortly before his death Mr Zubkov took some decisions not in favor of some major real estate developers. It is quite possible that somebody else had good reasons to cut the judge’s life and the Pavlychenkos “apartment case” turned up just in time for them.

Dmytro Pavlychenko always declared that he would fight using only lawful methods and after he made the case public, he had no reason to kill Sergiy Zubkov at all, even considering his arguable court ruling. Dmytro, who was actively campaigning in the press would became the primary suspect in this case. Fans do not believe that Dmytro could do this and moreover, to engage his underage son thus breaking his life.

It should be noted that the campaign “Freedom to the Pavlychenkos!” is not a political one. It is not sponsored by any political party. All the actions were executed by volunteers, all the materials were purchased at the fans’ expense.


Different people take football fans differently. Some criticize them for making too much noise at the stadium and because of this “true” spectators cannot fully enjoy the game. Some do not like them for using fireworks and smoke bombs and they fear that a firework can burn a concrete stadium to the ground. Some are simply afraid of them because they assume all fans are hooligans and are dreaming of beating somebody up. But the latest events proved that no one can deny the fact that fans are truly united and are strong in mind.

Such graffiti can be seen all over Kyiv now

One should not idealize fans just because of this solidarity action. Passionate youth are not a very good example for others, especially children. However, in this particular case whole Ukrainian society should learn from them how to be persistent in their fight for the truth.

Unfortunately, this story has a sad end: life sentence for Dmytro Pavlychenko and 13 years imprisonment for his son Sergiy. But ultras do not surrender – an appeal will be lodged to revert the court decision and the tribune actions will be continued. We will hear Pavlychenko name shouted by fans at many stadiums and will read it again and again on their banners. The chances of the Pavlychenkos to be released from prizon are slim, but Dynamo fans will not give up. 

I suggest to watch a 5-minute video to see a moment when the verdict was read out to Pavlychenkos and then how Dynamo fans saw their mate and his father off from the court. Probably, no one had received such sincere and at the same time sad support, not even some famous Ukrainian politicians who are also in prison now…

Tymofejuk Andriy, bigmir.net

Protest in Kiev on 25 November 2012: Thousands of people chant "Free Pavlichenko"

Watch this video to see the scale of the protest:

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Brutal treatment of the Dutch citizen by the Ukrainian police in the centre of Kiev

This happened today, 27 September 2012, a citizen of the Netherlands, military doctor, was robbed and beaten by homeless people. The Dutch man started crying police for help. He was dressed in military uniform and had a gun on him. The police, that tried so hard to learn some English before EURO 2012 and make good impression on visitors, did not understand anything what the man was saying. They also pushed away a passer-by who tried to interpret. A witness said "when I came, he was laying and screaming "Police! Consular! I am a Dutch man, I have the right to carry a gun". Police thought he was crazy and started calling for a psychiatric ambulance.
Homeless people said that the Dutch man tried to steal their purse and this is why they beated him, so police took him to their car not waiting for an ambulance. Police took away his gun, all other things of the foreign man, including his documents, were left on the ground and the homeless people took them. Passers by tried to stop the police - they screamed that they have no right to detain the man, he did no wrong, he is a foreigner and he needs a consular. The Dutch man was screaming that he is a human being, he did no wrong, he was robbed and beaten and did not understand why he was being arrested.
BRAVO, UKRAINIAN POLICE! I thought it happens only with the locals, but now with foreigners as well.


Photos and the source of the info: http://society.lb.ua/accidents/2012/09/27/172215_tsentre_kieva_proizoshla_draka.html

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Oksana Makar's rape and murder trial: suspects joke and make fun

On 11 April 2012 the investigation was over and the preliminary hearings started on 24 May 2012 and the trial - on 12 June. The judge is a woman with 20 years experience, Elena Selivanova. It was said that her name was selected by a computer. There will be two more judges.
The public trial was demanded by the lawyer of the mother of Oksana - Nikolai Katerinchuk, but the publicity was denied because on such cases the suspects may "be ashamed to speak", as it was explained. People say that the only reason is to let the case go loose. Victor Pshonka, the Prosecutor General expressed his opinion that the trial should be partly public.
The information from the court is regularly published in the news.
There are 26 witnesses in the case.
The suspects were ruled sane.

As for now, it is known that Krasnoshek did admit his attempt to murder Oksana Makar, and two others did not.
On 19 June Krasnoshek beated Pogosyan twice after Pogosyan testified. Pogosyan says it was on the national ground (his surname is Armenian), but the lawyers of Oksana Makar's mother say that it is because he denied his guilt in killing Oksana Makar.
It turned out that Artem Pogosyan did not rape Oksana Makar (according to the words of Krasnoshek), that he was just threaten by two other men to say so.
The lawyers of the suspects say that according to the words of Pogosyan and Prisyazhniuk, Krasnoshek had sex with Oksana Makar when he thought she was already dead.
Prisiazhniuk, who was a member of the youth wing of the Party of Regions, changed his statements, saying that he did not do all what he said at once after the tragedy, and that he testified against himself because he was shocked.
But what is really shocking is that Yevgeniy Krasnoshek dares to joke during the trial. For example, when the barman of bar Rybka (where Oksana met the three men) testified and she said that Oksana Makar behaved as a woman of low morals / prostitute, Krasnoshek applauded and when the judge asked if Krasnoshek went out of the bar hugging Oksana, Krasnoshek exclaimed "I should have better hugged with Pogosyan!" that made people in the room smile, even the judges and prosecutors smiled.
His another joke was about the plastic bag where Prisiazhniuk put the empty bottles - to the question of the judge how that plastic bag happened to be at the construction site Krasnoshek said "legs grew out of it and it walked by itself".
It also turned out that earlier Krasnoshek was a suspect in a rape case but his guilt was not proven.

Please, sign a petition to demand justice on this case and not let it be manipulated. Please, spread the word! The more attention to the case, the better!

Photos from the trial: http://photo.segodnya.ua/ukraina/kak-sudyat-muchitelei-oksany-makar-/

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Political pressure on medical staff from the Chief doctor to vote for the ruling party

Mykola Kurianov, who complained to the prosecutor's office about the grave condition of the ambulances after the death of a patient, had his salary 50% cut permanently, saying "you are provided with everything necessary" that forced him to leave the job.

Doctors of Kilisky district accuse the Chief physician of the district of political pressure on them.

According to them, the Chief doctor of the district, creates political pressure, demanding that they provided the vote of their families and their patients for the ruling party, says "Bessarabia Inform".

According to doctors, the Chief doctor yesterday, 19 June, health workers of the district were gathered and not only strictly forbidden to campaign but also to vote for any party other than the Party of Regions.

"It was the same with the workers of collective farms. People are intimidated, threatened with layoffs, and deprivation of wages! "- says the publication.


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Grave condition of Emergency Medical Services in Ukraine - PHOTO, VIDEO

Addition to the Open Letter of Mykola Kurianov, presented on May 31 2012

I have to inform you about events, which took place during my duty on May 30, 2012.
That evening our crew N102 went after the call N1311 to one of the houses on Heroiv of Dnipra Str., to a person, which had fallen out from the window.
Been arrived to that place at 21:03, we found a casualty man, 58 years old, in grave condition. Estimated the situation, defining vital signs (more particular is written in the Card of an ambulance crew`s dispatch N1311 from 30.05.2012), taken anamnesis, we located the patient into the ambulance vehicle GAZ-32214 (govern.N362-72KA), (which must not be used during our work because of shabbiness, emergency condition of stretchers, absence of attachments for bottles on the ceiling etc.). Also our team didn’t have intubation tools, appropriate apparatuses’ for artificial breathing and devices of connection etc.
We continued examination there and started intensive treatment: connected cardio monitor of defibrillator, catheterized peripheral vein (connected the system for i/v infusion of solutions, started to infuse Isotonic Sodium Chloride and Dexamethasone 12 mg), set laryngeal mask and started ALV with a help of breathing bag. We went to Kyiv City Hospital of Emergency Medical Services near at 21:20.
Risking our lives, we were going overspeed and missing the rules of road racing in this too old vehicle. Nearly on the half of our way condition of the patient deteriorated and we had to conduct the reanimation. I performed defibrillation and compression of the chest, a paramedic made and gave solutions, and first aider performed ALV. During this actions condition of the patient varied from better to worse. In general we performed few defibrillations, and made injection of Adrenaline (2mg).
After arrival at KCHEMS nearly at 21:35 our crew departed the patient into the Emergency Room (the route there is complicated by 2 rectangular turns and narrow doors) in the condition of clinical death. In the ER was only another ambulance crew with their own patient. After a few minutes reanimation team started to gather. They had done intubation by endotracheal tube, connected ALV machine. They asked us to stop reanimation actions at 21:45, put 10 ECG electrodes (4 from extremities and 6 from pectoral), fixed isoline and announced death at 21:50.
I heard wrongful charges about myself, that tracheal intubation and catheterization of central vein weren’t prepared.
After this we were recommended to transport the body to Kyiv City Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination N2 through the police department, what has been done.
Moreover, I had worked in crew N115 on June 2 and 3 without having such important instruments as defibrillator, laryngoscope, endotracheal tube, airducters, breathing bag, glucometer, aspirator etc. This enables me to perform my duties properly. I take away responsibility from myself (I’ve already said about this in the written form to my management at April 4, 2012) about the deterioration of the patients’ condition, which can happen because of bad equipment of crew and hard vibration into the old ambulance vehicle. It is a violation of Ministry of Health Order N500 “On measures of improvement of emergency medical services in Ukraine”.
Management of Kyiv City Station of Emergency Medical Services (Vershigora A.V. and Bojko L.I.) has officially answered me on May 16, 2012, N542 “Crews of EMS are completed by all kinds of necessary equipment, which allow to provide EMS completely on prehospital stage .” However this is not true.
After the accident in Marganets town, government has emphasized on better performing of technical observation of vehicles and changing of old. Why doesn’t it include medical transport?
Also I’m testifying about the weakness of equipment in ER in KCHEMS and the difficult route to get there. 
Not only the competent institutions, but NGOs and Media as well should take part in an estimation of equipment of EMS, because material and technical maintenance of EMS is critically bad.

 No place to fasten bottles (EMS car number 37577):
 EMS car number 37577
 EMS car number 37577
 Jehova's witnesses gathering in the EMS building
 Hall, rented out to Jehova's witnesses
 Doctor's bag

четверг, 31 мая 2012 г.

ATTENTION! Grave condition of Emergency Medical Services in Ukraine

Dear all.
We are writing to you, to introduce the real situation in sphere of Emergency Medicine in Ukraine.
Probably, it is important to be known not only in Ukraine, but abroad as well. Nowadays many visitors from different countries are coming to Ukraine. I’d like them not to get into any troubles. Please, help (by information support or by pressing government) Ukrainian people.


Open letter to the Prosecutor of Kyiv Melnyk A.S.
from a concerned physician at Kyiv City Station of Emergency Medical Services
 Kuryanov Mykola Viktorovich,


The logistics of the emergency medical services is critically inadequate.
Accordingly the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine #500 “On measures of improvement of emergency medical services in Ukraine” has been ignored. There is a lack of equipment, and the equipment that is available is outdated (breathing apparatus, ECG, means of communication, computer systems, etc.), there is a permanent deficiency of drugs and medical devices and the uniform update has not been carried out within two terms of service.
For more than eight years now FOTON trucks have been used to render emergency medical services and transport for hospitalization.
They have no proper ventilation and cushioning springs, hydraulic steering is absent, there is considerable noise and excess carbon monoxide is produced. The mileage of these vehicles is in excess of 500000 km. They move slowly and are not able to climb hills (for example Shovkovichna Str.). Engine failure often requires us (mobile personnel) to push these ambulance vehicles. Mechanical stretchers do not function properly and often do not close / open correctly, they are fragile and the wheels fall off. It is very difficult to provide treatments (infusion therapy, etc.) especially whilst on rough roads due to significant vibrations from poor suspension. Recently, on 28 April 2012, call #1556, it required five minutes in a public place for us, four people, to load the patient onto a mechanical stretcher in our ambulance vehicle GAZ-32214 [state #110-38KA]. GAZ 32214 vehicles have been operating for about twelve years, they have similar shortcomings. The total share of inadequate ambulance vehicles according to my estimate is 70-80%. In summer they heat up to high temperatures (in particular the salon), engines "boil", in winter they freeze, doors fall off. Drivers are forced to buy spare parts and to repair them at their own expense.
Let an independent evaluation of the acceptability of these vehicles after these many years of wear be carried out. Who is responsible for putting them into service?
People with injuries, poor blood circulation, surgical pathologies, pregnant women, etc., are particularly vulnerable to vibrations. They all suffer further due to vibration, and their condition worsens.
On May 17, 2012, call #1057 we had to take to the Hospital of Emergency Medical Services a woman from Obolon with the preliminary diagnosis "Craniocerebral trauma. Contusion of the brain? Intracranial bleeding?" This woman was suffering a lot. In their helpless state, patients cannot explain their suffering. But I can testify. Mortality in Kiev is growing, especially during the pre-hospitalization stage. This is completely inexcusable for our patients and outbound personnel KCSEMS. Who are we after all: a medical service or inadvertent sadists?
We cannot properly work in places with a large number of casualties. Think of the explosions in Dnipropetrovsk. The wounded people were carried in cacolets [soft stretchers], because the mechanical stretchers can not go far from the vehicles.
In 2008 I stated about these and other problems publicly to the officials Chernovetsky L.D., Kachurova L.V., Kiltshitska I.R., Moiseyenko R.O., Strelnikov S.O., Vershygora A.V. and others. They only express the same deceptive bravado of achievement, prosperity and security. And they pay us a meager salary, as beggars are easier to be managed.
Information on financial resources of KCSEMS (its structure and amount of budget funds, the order and control of their spending, etc.) is not available, in violation of the Law "On Access to Public Information".
Our administration regularly extracts money from us. Every year our employer requires us to prove impunity at our own expense. I have also had money taken in a fraudulent manner for the "Certificate of completion of preventive narcological review". May 25, 2012 in response to my request for a legal justification for withholding from our salaries, the manager of the substation #10 of KCSEMS Lasoryb I.M. (my chief) rudely told me (I have a record) that he spits on laws and proposed to write a statement about my dismissal, threatened me with problems and ordered me to work overtime in June 2012, against my will (violations of the "Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms") during the football tournament “UEFA EURO 2012”. This is one more example of the lawlessness of the health system administrators.
A year ago our salaries (for over 3000 employees of the KCSEMS) were "voluntary compulsory" transferred from Ukrsotsbank to VAB.
It leaves the impression that there is organized criminal group at the KCSEMS that has patrons in power.
At the territory of the substation #10 (4a Bohatyrska Str.) there are solid potholes, and immediately within the substation a parking is arranged for about 50 cars. The indoor of the substation #10 is occupied by the religious community "Jehovah Witnesses" that has regularly conducted prayers for many years. In the basement there is illegal factory.
We [the ambulance crew] are required to come to a place of call within 10 minutes, but besides the typical congestions there may be traffic jams of roads and kilometer long queues for President Yanukovich V.F. to pass through the city. The traffic police require us to go other ways. May 17, 2012, going for the call # 559 (in district of TC Gorodok), our crew #102 had to wait on the corner of Heroiv Dnipra Str. and Bohatyrska Str. an extra 10 minutes to let an entourage of Yanukovich V.F. pass. Despite our special signals, the traffic police did not allow us to move through Bohatyrska Str. This is done systematically. People died because of this.

I am ready to provide additional explanations/clarifications regarding the mentioned above.

Taking into consideration the mentioned above I request you to:
  • take action to stop violations of the Laws and rights of people (their deaths);
  • require authorities to conduct an examination of ambulance vehicles and decommission the unacceptable ones;
  • provide proper equipment to mobile emergency crews;
  • protect me and staff from illegal encroachments and harassment.

Sincerely yours,

Kurianov Mykola,
Emergency Physician at Kyiv City Station of Emergency Medical Services
May 31, 2012

If you can help Mykola with advice or just give moral support, please email:
777mykola (at) gmail.com

Pictures illustrating the mentioned above:

 Demand to give money
 Road near EMS

Deformed laringeal mask

In Ukrainian:

Прокурору міста Києва Мельнику А.С.
лікаря Київської міської станції швидкої медичної допомоги
Кур`янова Миколи Вікторовича,


Матеріально-технічне забезпечення служби екстреної медичної допомоги є критично неналежним.
Порушується Наказ МОЗ №500 «Про заходи щодо удосконалення надання екстреної медичної допомоги населенню в Україні». Устаткування недостатнє, а наявне є застарілим (дихальна апаратура, електрокардіографи, засоби зв’язку, комп’ютерні системи тощо), постійний дефіцит ліків та виробів медичного призначення, не проводиться оновлення обмундирування протягом двох термінів експлуатації.
Понад 8 років для надання екстреної медичної допомоги та госпіталізації експлуатуються вантажні автомобілі FOTON. В них відсутня належна амортизація та вентиляція, гідравлічне підсилення керма, присутній значний рівень шуму, надлишок чадного газу. Пробіг цих машин уже складає близько 500000 км. Вони повільно їдуть, а під гору (напр. вул. Шовковична) взагалі не тягнуть. Через несправності двигунів нам (мобільному персоналу) доводиться штовхати ці санітарні автомобілі. Механічні ноші працюють не належно і часто не розкладаються / складаються, вони крихкі, колеса відпадають. Дуже складно провести лікувальні процедури (інфузійну терапію тощо) під час руху особливо по нерівній дорозі через значну вібрацію. Нещодавно, 28 квітня 2012, виклик № 1556, ми у чотирьох протягом п’яти хвилин, в публічному місці, завантажували пацієнта на механічних ношах у наш санітарний автомобіль ГАЗ-32214 [держ. 110 38КА]. ГАЗ-32214 експлуатуються близько дванадцяти років, недоліки подібні. Загальна частка неналежних санітарних автомобілів за моєю оцінкою складає 70 80 %. Влітку вони розігріваються до високої температури (зокрема салон), двигуни «закипають», взимку замерзають, відпадають двері. Водіїв зобов’язують купувати запчастини та проводити ремонт власним коштом.
Нехай буде проведена оцінка прийнятності цих авто у нашій роботі після багаторічного зношення. Хто давав дозвіл ще тоді на введення їх в експлуатацію? Є інформація, що це було зроблено корупційним шляхом.
Особливо вразливі до вібрації особи з травмами, порушеннями кровообігу, хірургічною патологією, вагітні та багато інших. Вони усі додатково страждають внаслідок вібрації, і їх стан погіршується. 17 травня 2012 нам, по виклику № 1057, довелось госпіталізувати постраждалу з Оболоні в ЛШМД з попереднім діагнозом "ЧМТ. Забій ГМ? Внутрішньочерепна кровотеча?" Ця постраждала дуже страждала. Через свій безпорадний стан пацієнти не можуть заявити про ці тортури. Проте я за це свідчу. Смертність у Києві дедалі зростає, особливо на поза госпітальному етапі. Це просте знищення пацієнтів та виїзного персоналу КМСШМД. Хто ми після цього: медична служба чи садисти?
Ми не зможемо належно працювати в осередках з великою кількістю постраждалих. Згадайте вибухи у Дніпропетровську. Поранених там носили у м’яких ношах, бо механічні не їдуть далеко від машини.
Про ці та інші проблеми я зауважував публічно ще з 2008 році посадовцям Черновецькому Л.Д., Качуровій Л.В., Кільчицькій І.Р., Моісеєнко Р.О., Стрельникову С.О., Вершигорі А.В. та іншим. Від них же чутно лише оманливу браваду про досягнення, добробут та забезпечення. А нам платиться жалюгідна зарплатня, бо жебраками легше керувати.
Інформація про фінансові ресурси КМСШМД (структуру та обсяг бюджетних коштів, порядок та механізм їх витрачання тощо) є недоступною, що є порушенням Закону «Про доступ до публічної інформації».
У нашій службі відбуваються регулярні грошові побори. Кожен рік трудовий колектив зобов’язують доводити свою безкарність власним коштом. У мене також шляхом шахрайства були відібрані гроші на «Сертифікат про проходження профілактичного наркологічного огляду». 25 травня 2012 у відповідь на моє прохання дати правове обґрунтування грошових поборів, завідувач п/с №10 КМСШМД Ласориб І.М. (мій начальник) грубо заявив мені (маю звукозапис), що йому плювати на Закони, запропонував написати заяву про моє звільнення та пригрозив проблемами, зобов’язав мене працювати понаднормово у червні 2012, всупереч моїй волі (порушення «Конвенція про захист прав людини і основоположних свобод»), посилаючись на проведення футбольного турніру UEFA EURO 2012. Це ще один приклад безправ'я медичних працівників.
Рік тому наші зарплатні справи (понад 3000 співробітників КМСШМД) «добровільно-примусово» перевели з Укрсоцбанка на ВіЕйБі.
Складається враження, що при КМСШМД діє організоване злочинне угруповання, що має покровителів у владі.
На виїзді з підстанції № 10 (вул. Богатирська,4а) суцільні ями, і тут же в межах території підстанції влаштована стоянка на близько 50 автівок. У приміщенні підстанції № 10 релігійна громада "Світки Ієгови" регулярно проводять молебні уже багато років. У підвалі працює нелегальне виробництво.
Нас зобов’язують прибути на місце виклику протягом 10 хвилин, проте крім типових заторів має місце перекриття доріг і кілометрові черги заради Януковича В.Ф. Працівники ДАІ вимагають від нас їхати іншими дорогами. 17 травня 2012, їдучи на виклик № 559 (в район ТЦ Городок), наша бригада № 102 стояла на розі вулиць Героїв Дніпра та Богатирська зайвих 10 хвилин, щоб пропустити кортеж Януковича В.Ф. Не зважаючи на наші спеціальні сигнали, працівники ДАІ нам не дозволили нам рухатись по вул. Богатирська. Це відбувається систематично. Вам відомо, що через це гинуть люди.

Я готовий дати додаткові пояснення / уточнення стосовно вищевикладеного.

Враховуючи написане мною прошу Вас:
  • вжити заходів для припинення порушення Законів та прав людей (їх гибелі);
  • зобов’язати компетентні органи провести експертизу санітарних автомобілів, та зняти з експлуатації неприйнятні;
  • забезпечити належне оснащення мобільних бригад екстреної (швидкої) медичної допомоги;
  • захистити мене та персонал від протиправних посягань.

З повагою,
Кур’янов Микола,
лікар з медицини невідкладних станів КМСШМД

31 травня 2012

воскресенье, 18 марта 2012 г.

Another rape and brutality victim in the same city same day

As Oksana Makar is now being treated by the best specialist in burns Emil Fistal in Donetsk. The Charity fund of Rinat Akhmetov, as well as the state, has paid for all the expences.

On 9 March another girl was found in Nikolayev naked on the street, raped and brutally beaten. She had multiple fractures of nasal bones, mandible, severe head trauma, brain swelling and a fractured ribs, rupture the lungs, rupture of the larynx. In this regard, she has impaired respiratory function, the body is saturated with oxygen. Thus brain suffers, which is moreover, injured. Such situation, when the brain is not fully saturated with oxygen, can lead to the death of the cerebral cortex.

In addition to beating the girl, most likely, she was also choked - doctors discovered severe swelling of the mucous membrane of respiratory tract infections. It is suspected that the girl survived clinical death.

She has stains from boots on her body.
Her name is Alexandra Popova. Group of support http://www.vk.com/club36652711


http://atv.odessa.ua/news/2012/03/16/aleksandra_popova_1260.html  - video

пятница, 16 марта 2012 г.

Latest update: Oksana can't breath on her own, new victims found

On the night of March 15, Oksana Makar condition deteriorated. She was transferred to the intensive care unit.
In the morning, doctors were forced to carry out an intubation procedure - to connect the victim to a ventilator because she could not breathe on her own.
Source: http://obozrevatel.com/crime/78015-sozhzhennuyu-devushku-pereveli-na-iskusstvennoe-dyihanie.htm

A spouse of one of the rapists is convinced that he could not do it and describes him as a "wonderful husband and loving father" (they have a daughter of 1.8 years old).
Source: http://obozrevatel.com/crime/62319-zhena-nikolaevskogo-nasilnika-uverena-ee-muzha-podstavili.htm

At the same time, police say that earlier a body of a burned girl, who was raped and choked was found in another city not far from the place where this man lived earlier. Psycologists say that taking into consideration the calmness he had describing his crime on video can mean it was not the first time for him to commit it.
Source: http://www.ura-inform.com/ru/society/2012/03/16/odin-iz-nasilnikov-oksany-makar-manjak

Thousands of people in different cities in Ukraine gathered yesterday on squares to support Oksana and to demand justice for this case. They are afraid that only one may be convicted of the crime and two other men from families with high social status may be considered only as "witnesses".

Feminist group FEMEN protested at the top of General Prosecutor Office in Ukraine to draw attention to this case. They shouted: Oksana, live! Death to bastards! Execute the bastards!
Photos: http://www.demotix.com/news/1106643/femen-go-topless-against-gang-rape-accused

It was reported today that the case has been taken in the personal control of the General Prosecutor.