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Another rape and brutality victim in the same city same day

As Oksana Makar is now being treated by the best specialist in burns Emil Fistal in Donetsk. The Charity fund of Rinat Akhmetov, as well as the state, has paid for all the expences.

On 9 March another girl was found in Nikolayev naked on the street, raped and brutally beaten. She had multiple fractures of nasal bones, mandible, severe head trauma, brain swelling and a fractured ribs, rupture the lungs, rupture of the larynx. In this regard, she has impaired respiratory function, the body is saturated with oxygen. Thus brain suffers, which is moreover, injured. Such situation, when the brain is not fully saturated with oxygen, can lead to the death of the cerebral cortex.

In addition to beating the girl, most likely, she was also choked - doctors discovered severe swelling of the mucous membrane of respiratory tract infections. It is suspected that the girl survived clinical death.

She has stains from boots on her body.
Her name is Alexandra Popova. Group of support http://www.vk.com/club36652711


http://atv.odessa.ua/news/2012/03/16/aleksandra_popova_1260.html  - video

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Latest update: Oksana can't breath on her own, new victims found

On the night of March 15, Oksana Makar condition deteriorated. She was transferred to the intensive care unit.
In the morning, doctors were forced to carry out an intubation procedure - to connect the victim to a ventilator because she could not breathe on her own.
Source: http://obozrevatel.com/crime/78015-sozhzhennuyu-devushku-pereveli-na-iskusstvennoe-dyihanie.htm

A spouse of one of the rapists is convinced that he could not do it and describes him as a "wonderful husband and loving father" (they have a daughter of 1.8 years old).
Source: http://obozrevatel.com/crime/62319-zhena-nikolaevskogo-nasilnika-uverena-ee-muzha-podstavili.htm

At the same time, police say that earlier a body of a burned girl, who was raped and choked was found in another city not far from the place where this man lived earlier. Psycologists say that taking into consideration the calmness he had describing his crime on video can mean it was not the first time for him to commit it.
Source: http://www.ura-inform.com/ru/society/2012/03/16/odin-iz-nasilnikov-oksany-makar-manjak

Thousands of people in different cities in Ukraine gathered yesterday on squares to support Oksana and to demand justice for this case. They are afraid that only one may be convicted of the crime and two other men from families with high social status may be considered only as "witnesses".

Feminist group FEMEN protested at the top of General Prosecutor Office in Ukraine to draw attention to this case. They shouted: Oksana, live! Death to bastards! Execute the bastards!
Photos: http://www.demotix.com/news/1106643/femen-go-topless-against-gang-rape-accused

It was reported today that the case has been taken in the personal control of the General Prosecutor.

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Interview with survivor Oksana Makar - If God did not let me die, then for some reason it is necessary

I started praying, I thought I was dead - raped Oksana Makar - source http://gazeta.ua/ru/articles/np/_nachala-molitsya-mne-pokazalos-chto-ya-umerla-iznasilovannaya-oksana-makar/426846

Victim of maniacs of Nikolayev gave an exclusive interview to Gazeta.ua. She could not hold the phone herself. Her mother passed on the questions and dictated the answers.

How do you feel now?

Oksana: Bad. Almost do not feel the body. Doctors say if I was unconscious - it would have been easier. And I see, I understand, I feel. But that's okay I'm concious. They say I have more chances.

Mom: Last night, the doctors said that the liver failed. They control the heart, because intoxication is high. They say that the kidneys start failing. This is horror. When doctors make the dressing, even kidneys can be seen.

Did they come from the police to visit you?

Oksana: Yes. Today. Two young women. I told them everything.

Mom: They came from the prosecutor's office yesterday. Dressed in civilian clothes.One young man introduced Sergei. He said, 'So,  laying down? ". I immediately protested - what kind of tone is that. The daughter spoke with them. But first, burst into tears. Scared, because they are without uniform, in civilian. And these two girls from the prosecutor's office were very kind

Did you know that you get money from all over Ukraine?

Oksana: Yes. Thank you all. Now I know there are many good people. Much more than the bad people. I believe in human kindness. Thank you ...

Mom: Money comes on. Thank you all very much. They know about our misfortune from Poland to Vladivostok. I have a classmate who lives in Poland, she learned everything. Also organized a fundraiser. The Russians stay connected. We had a Russian TV channel. Offered to take the daughter to Moscow. But no - Oksana is in too grave condition to be transported.

Oksana, you remember what happened to you?

Oksana: Yes. I remember the bar and how we went to visit. Then I lost consciousness. Gap ... I remember when I was choked. And when I returned to conciousness. I remember myself lying during the night. I thought would not survive. Could not feel the bodyAt first, was screaming for help. But there was nobody there. Began to pray. I thought I had died. All I remember how as if in fog.

Mom: We are told police everything.

What do you think about this miraculous escape? What do you think?

Oksana: Perhaps God decided so. If He did not let me die, then for some reason it is necessary. I will survive. I will try very hard. Very hard!Mom (crying): My child has survived. And this is important. Everybody counted that she would die. And will not give evidence. But she survived.

Elena Gordieva http://gazeta.ua/ru/articles/np/_nachala-molitsya-mne-pokazalos-chto-ya-umerla-iznasilovannaya-oksana-makar/426846

Начала молиться, мне показалось, что я умерла — изнасилованная Оксана Макар

Начала молиться, мне показалось, что я умерла — изнасилованная Оксана Макар
Жертва николаевских маньяков дала эксклюзивное интервью корреспонденту Gazeta.ua. Сама содержать телефону Оксана Макар не смогла. Мама передавала вопросы и диктовали ответы.
Как вы сейчас себя чувствуете?
Оксана: Плохо. Почти не чувствую тела. Врачи говорят, если бы была без сознания - мне было бы легче. А так я все вижу, понимаю, чувствую. Но это хорошо я в сознании. Говорят, шансов больше.
Мама: Вчера вечером врачи сказали, что отказала печень. Контролируют сердце, потому интоксикация большая. Говорят, что начинают отказывать почки. Это ужас. Когда врачи делают перевязку, видно даже почки.
К вам приходили из милиции?
Оксана: Да. Сегодня. Две молодые женщины. Я все рассказала.
Мама: Пришли из прокуратуры вчера. Одетые в штатское. Один молодой представился Сережей. Спросил: "Ну что, лежим?". Я сразу возмутилась - что это за тон. Дочь с ними поговорила. Но сначала расплакалась. Испугалась, потому что они без формы. А эти две девушки из прокуратуры были очень любезны
Вы в курсе, что для Вас собирают деньги со всей Украины?
Оксана: Да. Спасибо всем. Теперь я знаю, что хороших людей очень много. Гораздо больше, чем плохих. Я верю в человеческую доброту. Спасибо вам ...
Мама: Деньги приходят на. Спасибо всем большое. О нашей беде знают уже от Польши до Владивостока. У меня одноклассница в Польше живет, узнала все. Тоже организовала сбор средств. Россияне подключились. Были у нас с российского телеканала. Предлагали забрать дочь в Москву. Но никак - Оксана очень тяжелая, чтобы ее транспортировать.
Оксана, Вы помните, что с Вами случилось?
Оксана: Да. Я помню бар и как мы шли в гости. Потом я отключилась. Провал ... Помню, как меня душили. И когда пришла в себя. Когда всю ночь лежала помню. Я думала, что не переживу. Тела не испытывала. Сначала кричала на помощь. Но там никого не было. Начала молиться. Мне показалось, что я умерла. Все помню, как в тумане
Мама: мы все рассказали милиции.
Как вы расцениваете такое чудесное спасение? Что Вы об этом думаете?
Оксана: Пожалуй, Бог так решил. Если не дал умереть, значит, я для чего-то ему здесь нужно. Я обязательно выживу. Я буду очень стараться. Очень ...
Мама (плачет): Мой ребенок выжил. А это главное. Все очень рассчитывали, что она умрет. И не даст показаний. Но она выжила.

Medieval crime in European Ukraine

On the night of 9 to 10 March 2012 in the city of Mykolayiv three men lured Oksana Makar, 19 y.o., into an apartment of one of them. There they raped her. One of them strangled her and then raped her again thinking she was dead. They left her in a building under construction near the scene and set a fire, which caused severe burns of the 3rd and 4th degrees in 55% of her body . Despite being severely burned, Oksana Makar survived and is currently hospitalized in critical condition: with both feet and right arm amputated.
There are suspicions that the two of alleged suspects are from families with high social status and resources - in fact, they were released without bail. We are concerned that the law enforcement is not doing their job in regard of this serious incident and shows no interest in investigating the facts and bringing the perpetrators to justice. This is why it is important to share this information to help the action to be taken.
Here are just some of the news in Ukrainian and Russian media. Some contain graphic images. Google Оксана Макар in the news part of google. 
1) http://news.nikcity.com/public/32817 - the story how she was found, interview with a doctor, very full information

2) http://focus.ua/incident/222929/

3) http://gazeta.ua/ru/articles/scandals-newspaper/426690/1

4) http://www.novosti-n.mk.ua/news/read/?id=38104

5) http://news.nikcity.com/incidents/32839

6) http://korrespondent.net/ukraine/events/1329280-smi-obnarodovali-videodopros-podozrevaemogo-v-iznasilovanii-zhitelnicy-nikolaeva - video of interrogation of one of the criminals where he describes how he did it

7) http://korrespondent.net/video/ukraine/1329008-mat-zhertvy-rezonansnogo-prestupleniya-v-nikolaeve-zapisala-videoobrashchenie - video appeal of the mother of the girl

Please use a translator convenient for you for these articles.
Please share this information with as many people as you can. It is very important that the information would go to female organizations, human rights organizations, anywhere possible for many people to know it and action to be taken.

You can leave your word of support below, just click "add a comment". Oksana's condition is critical but she is concious and is fighting for her life! 

source:  http://vk.com/femme_helena?z=photo-36534678_279133519%2Fwall12864699_2878