четверг, 27 сентября 2012 г.

Brutal treatment of the Dutch citizen by the Ukrainian police in the centre of Kiev

This happened today, 27 September 2012, a citizen of the Netherlands, military doctor, was robbed and beaten by homeless people. The Dutch man started crying police for help. He was dressed in military uniform and had a gun on him. The police, that tried so hard to learn some English before EURO 2012 and make good impression on visitors, did not understand anything what the man was saying. They also pushed away a passer-by who tried to interpret. A witness said "when I came, he was laying and screaming "Police! Consular! I am a Dutch man, I have the right to carry a gun". Police thought he was crazy and started calling for a psychiatric ambulance.
Homeless people said that the Dutch man tried to steal their purse and this is why they beated him, so police took him to their car not waiting for an ambulance. Police took away his gun, all other things of the foreign man, including his documents, were left on the ground and the homeless people took them. Passers by tried to stop the police - they screamed that they have no right to detain the man, he did no wrong, he is a foreigner and he needs a consular. The Dutch man was screaming that he is a human being, he did no wrong, he was robbed and beaten and did not understand why he was being arrested.
BRAVO, UKRAINIAN POLICE! I thought it happens only with the locals, but now with foreigners as well.


Photos and the source of the info: http://society.lb.ua/accidents/2012/09/27/172215_tsentre_kieva_proizoshla_draka.html