воскресенье, 18 марта 2012 г.

Another rape and brutality victim in the same city same day

As Oksana Makar is now being treated by the best specialist in burns Emil Fistal in Donetsk. The Charity fund of Rinat Akhmetov, as well as the state, has paid for all the expences.

On 9 March another girl was found in Nikolayev naked on the street, raped and brutally beaten. She had multiple fractures of nasal bones, mandible, severe head trauma, brain swelling and a fractured ribs, rupture the lungs, rupture of the larynx. In this regard, she has impaired respiratory function, the body is saturated with oxygen. Thus brain suffers, which is moreover, injured. Such situation, when the brain is not fully saturated with oxygen, can lead to the death of the cerebral cortex.

In addition to beating the girl, most likely, she was also choked - doctors discovered severe swelling of the mucous membrane of respiratory tract infections. It is suspected that the girl survived clinical death.

She has stains from boots on her body.
Her name is Alexandra Popova. Group of support http://www.vk.com/club36652711


http://atv.odessa.ua/news/2012/03/16/aleksandra_popova_1260.html  - video

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