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Medieval crime in European Ukraine

On the night of 9 to 10 March 2012 in the city of Mykolayiv three men lured Oksana Makar, 19 y.o., into an apartment of one of them. There they raped her. One of them strangled her and then raped her again thinking she was dead. They left her in a building under construction near the scene and set a fire, which caused severe burns of the 3rd and 4th degrees in 55% of her body . Despite being severely burned, Oksana Makar survived and is currently hospitalized in critical condition: with both feet and right arm amputated.
There are suspicions that the two of alleged suspects are from families with high social status and resources - in fact, they were released without bail. We are concerned that the law enforcement is not doing their job in regard of this serious incident and shows no interest in investigating the facts and bringing the perpetrators to justice. This is why it is important to share this information to help the action to be taken.
Here are just some of the news in Ukrainian and Russian media. Some contain graphic images. Google Оксана Макар in the news part of google. 
1) http://news.nikcity.com/public/32817 - the story how she was found, interview with a doctor, very full information

2) http://focus.ua/incident/222929/

3) http://gazeta.ua/ru/articles/scandals-newspaper/426690/1

4) http://www.novosti-n.mk.ua/news/read/?id=38104

5) http://news.nikcity.com/incidents/32839

6) http://korrespondent.net/ukraine/events/1329280-smi-obnarodovali-videodopros-podozrevaemogo-v-iznasilovanii-zhitelnicy-nikolaeva - video of interrogation of one of the criminals where he describes how he did it

7) http://korrespondent.net/video/ukraine/1329008-mat-zhertvy-rezonansnogo-prestupleniya-v-nikolaeve-zapisala-videoobrashchenie - video appeal of the mother of the girl

Please use a translator convenient for you for these articles.
Please share this information with as many people as you can. It is very important that the information would go to female organizations, human rights organizations, anywhere possible for many people to know it and action to be taken.

You can leave your word of support below, just click "add a comment". Oksana's condition is critical but she is concious and is fighting for her life! 

source:  http://vk.com/femme_helena?z=photo-36534678_279133519%2Fwall12864699_2878 

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  1. so sorry to hear this tragic story.... may Oksana rest in peace. what monsters.

  2. These 3 sadists need to be killed, slowly and painfully, so they can imagine the pain a little 18 years old Oksana suffered before she passed away, justice needs to be made!